the branch of biology that studies plants
Syn: ↑botany
Derivationally related forms: ↑phytologist, ↑botanic (for: ↑botany), ↑botanical (for: ↑botany), ↑botanist (for: ↑botany), ↑botanize (for: ↑botany), ↑botanise (for: ↑botany)
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acroscopic, ↑basiscopic, ↑acropetal, ↑basipetal, ↑basifixed, ↑comate, ↑comose, ↑comal, ↑carpellate, ↑pistillate, ↑acarpelous, ↑acarpellous, ↑cauline, ↑radical, ↑basal, ↑caulescent, ↑stemmed, ↑acaulescent, ↑stemless, ↑outward-developing, ↑inward-developing, ↑chlamydeous, ↑achlamydeous, ↑brachiate, ↑cyclic, ↑acyclic, ↑annual, ↑one-year, ↑biennial, ↑two-year, ↑perennial, ↑determinate, ↑cymose, ↑indeterminate, ↑racemose, ↑dextrorse, ↑dextrorsal, ↑sinistrorse, ↑sinistrorsal, ↑precocious, ↑autogamous, ↑autogamic, ↑endogamous, ↑endogamic, ↑exogamous, ↑exogamic, ↑fastigiate, ↑aerial, ↑antheral, ↑staminate, ↑monoclinous, ↑diclinous, ↑capsulate, ↑capsulated, ↑opposite, ↑paired, ↑alternate, ↑ariled, ↑arillate, ↑foliate, ↑foliolate, ↑aphyllous, ↑scapose, ↑bilabiate, ↑two-lipped, ↑cancellate, ↑cancellated, ↑clathrate, ↑terete, ↑torulose, ↑simple, ↑unsubdivided, ↑compound, ↑aggregate, ↑double, ↑single, ↑bullate, ↑imbricate, ↑imbricated, ↑squamulose, ↑rugose, ↑smooth, ↑rough, ↑convolute, ↑convoluted, ↑involute, ↑rolled, ↑bifid, ↑pentamerous, ↑trifid, ↑assurgent, ↑ligneous, ↑herbaceous (for: ↑botany), ↑alliaceous, ↑apogamic, ↑apogametic, ↑apogamous, ↑apomictic, ↑apomictical, ↑apothecial, ↑archegonial, ↑archegoniate, ↑archesporial, ↑aroid, ↑araceous, ↑arthrosporic, ↑arthrosporous, ↑asclepiadaceous, ↑ascocarpous, ↑ascosporic, ↑ascosporous, ↑autotrophic, ↑autophytic, ↑heterotrophic, ↑axile, ↑axial, ↑basidiomycetous, ↑basidiosporous, ↑bicapsular, ↑calyceal, ↑calycine, ↑calycinal, ↑cambial, ↑capsular, ↑composite, ↑homostylous, ↑homostylic, ↑homostyled, ↑panicled, ↑self-pollinating, ↑umbelliform, ↑umbelliferous, ↑cruciferous, ↑tomentose, ↑epiphytic, ↑lithophytic, ↑myrmecophytic, ↑bladed, ↑spicate, ↑axillary, ↑alar, ↑paniculate, ↑phyllodial, ↑involucrate, ↑bryophytic, ↑plant, ↑flora, ↑plant life, ↑etiolation, ↑dissilience, ↑estivation, ↑aestivation, ↑division, ↑venation, ↑vernation, ↑scurf, ↑naturalist, ↑natural scientist, ↑Plantae, ↑kingdom Plantae, ↑plant kingdom, ↑style, ↑germ tube, ↑pollen tube, ↑peristome, ↑embryo, ↑corolla, ↑corona, ↑calyx, ↑lip, ↑papilla, ↑pitcher, ↑apophysis, ↑callus, ↑blister, ↑coma, ↑phloem, ↑bast, ↑root, ↑taproot, ↑spike, ↑node, ↑leaf node, ↑lobe, ↑ligule, ↑apogamy, ↑cohesion, ↑foliation, ↑leafing, ↑parthenocarpy, ↑phytohormone, ↑plant hormone, ↑growth regulator, ↑phellem, ↑cork, ↑sporulate, ↑invaginate
Hypernyms: ↑biology, ↑biological science

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